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A few things about..


The story so far

Origins of Audio was created in the mid of July 2015 by composer and ex bank Executive Alexandros Koxaras who was eager to follow his passion, music! In a period of economic crisis in Greece we managed to start our business, under extreme and adverse conditions, with one thing in mind. You!

Our goal

To create high quality sample libraries that inspire composers and musicians to experiment and create! Despite our intention to create virtual sample libraries, under no circumstances do we wish to set aside and jostle fellow musicians. All musicians knowing that without them, all of this could not have been achieved.

Why we do it

Being composers ourselves, we acknowledge all recording difficulties : Our high quality sample libraries aim at facilitating creativity through friendly G.U.I. In any case, our single goal remains the same: to inspire musicians to create!

Some stats you might find interesting

Lines of code written.

High quality samples.

Cups of coffee consumed.

Hours of recording session.

What people are saying

  • Origins of Audio libraries and soundsets always helping me to find unique kind of tone in my music.
    www.jakubgawlina.comwww.jakubgawlina.comJakub Gawlina composer - SPM Music Group
  • On Zebramatic

    This bank is a keeper, if you're into dark, thriller, horror cinematic stuff. Quite a number of interesting pads and 'beds' and fx. Don't expect your bread'n'butter stuff, but for working in the above mentioned genres, this is a lot of value for (no) money. In fact, it seems that the Greek guys behind the bank work with movie/video audio and decided to share patches they created for their in-house work. So, thank you very much, guys! In contrast with some commercial banks that I deleted, this one's got a permanent home on my HD. I have to concur with Chris-S about the disparate volumes of the patches, though. Be careful when browsing with headphones!

    Joachim Smith (Video producer and editor)Joachim Smith (Video producer and editor)@KVR forum
  • VieL on Zebra Soundsets

    Origins of Audio use their imagination to create versatile soundsets which suit the needs of my tracks! It's always nice to experiment with their sounds and combine them with my music. Zebramatic II and Phobia have completely blown my mind away!
    VieL (Deep House/ Electronica/ Deep Techno)VieL (Deep House/ Electronica/ Deep Techno)
  • On Dark Kalimba

    When I played the Dark Kalimba for the first time, the first note was so magical that I fell in love with this library. Kalimba is such a beautiful instrument and the Origins of Audio have captured that beauty & vibe very well. Plus the envelopes give the opportunity to create new variety of sounds which are impossible on real Kalimba. I'm looking forward to using this on a lot of my upcoming film scores & songs.

    T.A.V (Composer, Music Producer, Audio Engineer)T.A.V (Composer, Music Producer, Audio Engineer)@VI-Control forum