Virtual Bouzouki & Rebetiko Instruments

Virtual Bouzouki & Rebetiko Instruments

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Virtual Bouzouki & Rebetiko Instruments was created and produced by Stavros Genaridis, a Greek musician currently living in Sweden, who gave us the permission to sell this magnificent library via our website.

You might have heard that Greece is all about sun, vacation, swimming, ouzo, beautiful islands and magnificent history. But we are sure that you must have heard the rich music history this country has to offer.

Bouzouki is a Greek musical instrument which was brought to Greece in the 1900s by Greek immigrants from Asia Minor and was established quickly as the central instrument to the rebetika genre and its music branches. Apart from the four-courses bouzouki which is the main focus of this library, you will find as well a three-course bouzouki, a tzouras and a baglamas. These four musical instruments capture the very essence of the folklore & rebetika genre and it's time for you to explore them!

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– This library has been licensed for use in the free Kontakt Player or the full retail version of Kontakt (version 4 or later) and can be loaded as a STANDALONE, VST, AU, DXi, RTAS, ASIO, Core Audio or Direct sound instrument plugin. You can add this product to the Kontakt “Libraries” browser.
– Library Size: Approx. 4.5 Gb

Key Features

Virtual Bouzouki includes a 4 string Bouzouki
Rebetiko Instruments includes 

– Baglama
– Tzoura
– 3 String Bouzouki

The main features of this library (Virtual Bouzouki & Rebetiko Instruments) are:

-9 NKI’s
-Advanced script programming
-Control which string is being used by using the modulation wheel
-Polyphonic or Monophonic with Hammer On and Pull Off
-Automatic plectrum up & down triggered by script in time
-Reverb, Delay, Compressor
-Interface showing what is triggered and played
-10 velocity layers (5 plectrum down and 5 plectrum up) for Virtual Bouzouki
-6 velocity layers (3 plectrum down and 3 plectrum up) for Rebetiko Instruments

Virtual Bouzouki also includes:
-Chords that activates when you play a minor or major triad
-Moderate notes
-Single tremolo that changes speed with the modulation wheel
-Third and sixth minor and major tremolo that changes speed with the modulation wheel
-Glissando from and to note upwards the fret
-Glissando from and to note downwards the fret
-Phrases played on the bouzouki



Song Demostration “Zeibekiko Of Evdokia”

Song Demostration “Tosa Dilina”

Mac installation

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