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Phobia - Φόβος γαρ μνήμην εκπλήσσει, τέχνη δε άνευ άλκης ουδέν ωφελεί (or in English: Because fear undermines memory (experience) and art (knowledge) lacking courage is futile) is our third commercial library for U-He's Zebra² softsynth! It follows the steps of Zebramatic II - Unleash the Dark Side of Zebra, and aims at dark cinematic scoring for film and video games. Phobia is a collection of 118 presets with many dark and evocative soundscapes, fx, swells and pads, bass, arps and sequences. The main focus-points of Phobia are the Oscillators and Comb filters. Comb filter is a powerful tool in Zebra² and can be used to alter the sound essentially; combining it with the XY performance controls, it offers you endless combinations to create your own unique sounds.

Listen to our audio demos and watch the preset review videos as well!

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It requires U-He’s Zebra² Synth. Please visit the link for more info.

Key Features

– 4 Arpeggiators
– 7 Bass
– 24 Sound FX
– 11 Keys/Synth
– 11 Pads
– 15 Percussion
– 12 Sequences
– 22 Soundscapes
– 12 Swells

Audio Demos


Teaser Trailer

Song Demonstration

Preset Preview (Part 1)

Preset Preview (Part 2)

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