Inspire Series

Hi there! This is the page where you can find all the free stuff that we have to offer! The Inspire Series aims at giving you free presets and sounds which will boost your creativity. We will try to meet up to our goal, which is to deliver on time free and new stuff for you. Of course, you have to forgive us if we sometimes fail to do that, because we indeed have a busy schedule!

Everything that you see in the soundcloud list below is available for downloading. There is also a free Serum soundset, for which we didn’t make an audio demo yet. However, if you click the download button you will be able to download it!

You have also included in the Inspire Series our Zebramatic soundset which includes 120 presets for Zebra². Since this product has reached nearly 1000 downloads, we had to include it! Keep in mind that only for this product, you will be prompted to our reseller, fastspring, to continue with your download.

In order to continue creating free sounds for you, we only ask to subscribe to our newsletter. Hence, before downloading you will be prompted to enter your email address. After doing so, the link with the free sounds will appear on your inbox. By doing so, whenever we upload a free soundset, or whenever we release a new product, you will be the first to know it! We will be glad to hear anything you compose with these free sounds. And as always,

Have fun and keep on composing!

Zebra² presets
Serum presets
Serum wavetables

Listen to the sample below, and then click download to choose what you want to download!


Friedrich Nietzsche Quote
Hans Christian Andersen Quote
John Lennon Quote
Ludwig Van Beethoven Quote
Plato Quote
TS Eliot Quote
Bob Marley Quote
Jimi Hendrix Quote
Frank Zappa Quote
Confucius Quote
Oscar Wilde Quote
Woody Guthrie Quote

If you found these presets and sounds useful to you, you can always check our commercial libraries and soundsets!