Summer Sale 2016

Summer Sale 2016

When summer comes certain people might dream of blue beaches, golden sand, relaxation and no worries at all! But for us we are all about Summer sale 2016! So finally summer is here and so is sales!

We are currently offering discounts up to 50% and below you can see the list of all the discounts on our products. This offer begins today, July 18 and ends on August 16 at midnight. Click on any image to see more details (specifications, videos, audio demos) on the specific product.

If you consider on buying all our products, keep in mind that the final discount is 43,58% and you save €65,60 (from 150,54€ now 84,94€). If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to send us a mail or a message!

Dark Kalimba (Kontakt Library)



50% off from 40,00€ now 20,00€ (save 20,00€)

Bad Blood (Zebra² soundset)




50% off from 27,00€ now 13,50€ (save 13,50€)

Zebramatic² (Zebra² soundset)



50% off from 22,00€ now 11,00€ (save 11,00€)

Pulse (Kontakt tool)

Origins Of Audio Pulse



47% off from 19,00€ now 10,07€ (save 8,93€)

Imperium (Zebra² soundset)



35% off from 15,40€ now 10,01€ (save 5,39€)

Phobia (Zebra² soundset)




25% off from 27,14€ now 20,36€ (save 6,78€)