Pulse Version 1.1

Pulse Version 1.1

We are very happy to announce our first update, Pulse Version 1.1! Although it’s a small update, we’ve included two new features as well as two new music scales. We have to remind you that Pulse will work only with the full version of Native Instruments’ Kontakt 5.5.1 and higher.

Pulse User Interface

Pulse v. 1.1 user interace


On the “Export and Edit” section we’ve added two new buttons, the Speed/Tempo change (depicted as the button with the “1:1”) and the Humanizer (depicted with the human figure).

Pulse new features

Export and Edit Section


  • Speed/Tempo

This button allows you to speed up, or slow down the tempo of your sequence. You can choose either to play it with double or half the speed of the tempo you’ve linked it with. So, if you have a tempo of 120 and you choose to double the speed, then your sequence will be played at 240bpm, without changing the your Kontakt ‘s or DAW’s tempo! This will come in handy if you want to experiment more with the sequence you created.


  • Humanizer

It does what it says! It adds a bit more realistic feeling to your exported sequence. Of course you get to choose whether you want your sequence to be fully quantized or have a more human feeling. The amount of “Humanization” is standard and cannot be altered in this version.

  • Two new music scales

Finally, in Pulse Version 1.1 we have included two new music scales. The Harmonic Minor and the Half Diminished 7th. Both of these scales have a special feeling and can produce interesting sequences! Including this two scales, now you can choose from a total of 7 music scales, 6 modes and 2 arpeggios.

Take a look at Pulse and its videos!