Zebramatic II Survey Results

Zebramatic II Survey Results

Since the release of Zebramatic, we received various positive comments from our users. However we felt compelled to know more about their opinion, without being obtrusive. Thus we made a tiny online survey with only 5 questions and send an email to nearly 300 people who downloaded Zebramatic, asking them to complete this survey. We got 30 responses till December 16th, the release of Zebramatic II – Unleash the Dark Side of Zebra.

Since this survey was completely anonymous we didn’t have the chance to thank them by name, and this is what we will do: Thank you very much all of you who dedicated a few minutes of your time to complete this survey. You played an important role in the creation of Zebramatic II, because thanks to your opinion we gave emphasis on Soundscapes and Pads rather than other categories.

Without further ado, we present the Zebramatic II survey results down below (you will also find a link of the results, as they were presented by the site in which the survey was hosted):

Question 1:

Please rate from 1 to 10 the quality of Zebramatic as a sound set: 82%

Question 2:

Please rate from 1 to 10 the quality of the sounds included: 81,3%

Question 3:

Please rate from 1 to 10, how useful were the sounds to you: 75,9%

Question 4:
Which categories from Zebramatic you found the most useful?

Arpeggiators: 20,4%
Bass: 9,7%
Effects: 7,5%
Leads: 6,5%
Other Instruments: 3,2%
Pads: 23,7%
Carpets: 12,9%
Percussion: 7,5%
Pianoids: 5,4%
Swooshes: 3,2%

Question 5:
What kind of sounds would you like Zebramatic II more to include?

Give me more arpeggiators!: 20%
I'd like more pads please!: 20%
A few effects wouldn't be bad!: 9,3%
Try a few new instruments for a change!: 8%
Swooooooshhh me I'll tell you!: 2,7%
Badaboom, badaboom Percussion!: 10,7%
Soundscapes/Carpets would be lovely!: 29,3%

Click here to view the results as they were presented by the site which hosted this survey.